Forgot what Sanita Hills looked like? Can't remember where G10 was? Click on the map icon below for a 60's map of Sanita Hills.
Gee, you really can buy anything on ebay. Current listing (Aug 27) for the entire Manor House property at Sanita Hills. Only $1.85 million.

Sanita Hills Now:

A lot of us have very good memories of Sanita Hills, especially for Summer Camps. I thought you might like to know what happened to Sanita Hills. I recently took a drive there and could not get in to take photos. However, I will try again in the near future and come in from the northeast side of the old camp property. I will add photos of the old G10 site if I can gain access.

In the meantime, I am adding some maps below. You may be interested to know that the southwest part of the camp has been parceled into individual home lots. The road from the southwest that went north to the Chapel and further north to G10 has been blocked. The remaining 1,000 acres of old Sanita Hills is owned by a group out of NYC called the Little Whaley Lake Holding LLC. (Lake Sanita's name was changed to Little Whaley Lake after the LLC purchased the property in 2009. Purchase price was $25 million)