I NEED YOUR HELP: Please send me your stories, photos and other scanned images and I will include in this website. I would also like to fill out the Troop History, Troop Roster and Troop Contact list, so please email me at
gerardh629@aol.com with your information. Thanks for your help!
If you want to contact one of the members of Troop 273, please email me your request with your contact information and I will forward your request to the Scout. This will protect the privacy of all of our past Scouts and Adult Leaders.
Our Troop Roster

Updated Apr 10 2016: Listed below is the Troop roster for all Boy Scouts from Troop 273. We continue to build the roster, so it is incomplete at this time. We will continue to update the roster as we collect more names.
    *The years next to the scout's name reflect the approximate time frame that the scout participated as a boy within the Troop. The years do not include any follow-on participation as an adult leader. If a single year is listed, that means the Scout attained Eagle rank in that year.
    *If the Scout's name is in bold face, this means that we have current contact information for that scout.

     *If a Scout's name is italicized, the Scout is deceased