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Troop 273 Richmond Hill NY Home

Welcome to Troop 273 Richmond Hill NY home page. This web site is dedicated to the Scout Leaders, Scouts, families and friends that comprised this great Boy Scout Troop for many years. Although Troop 273 no longer exists in Greater New York Council, our fond memories live on. We will continue to add more stories, photos and scans as we receive them. Thanks!

Updated August 19 2019: If there are other past members out there who want to be added to out T273 roster, please let me know.


My apologies for not updating this website as often as I should. I recently retired again, so I hope to devote more time to our site.

It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of an outstanding Scout Leader, Curtis Marz. He passed away on Aug 16, 2019 and was 79 years old. His funeral was Sunday, Aug 18 at Kearns Funeral Home, Richmond Hill, New York. He was interred at Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. Please remember Curtis and his family with your prayers. Say a special prayer of thanks for his dedicated service to our youth. And since you are visiting this website, write a memory for him in our Guestbook.

I also heard from a few others who sent very kind words about my website. I have added them to our troop roster. Please see the "Memories" page of this website for their recollections and keep those emails coming! I have gone back and edited some of the stories based upon emails and conversations as well. And please take a look at the guestbook comments: please leave comments of your own!

I am still in desperate need your photos and stories, so please send them to me or I will drive to you, if local, to scan! Thanks!

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Author's Note:

I (Gerry Hopkins) was a Cub Scout from Sep 1961 until Oct 1964 when I crossed over to Boy Scouts. I then became a member of Troop 273, Richmond Hill, Queens Council, New York and remained a Scout through 1971, when I entered West Point. I then became an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 273 while at West Point, and remained with the troop until 1975, when I graduated West Point, joined the Army, and saw the world. However, I would remain an adult scout leader for many years for other Packs and Troops during my Army career.

Troop 273 was affiliated with SBJL parish, so most of our membership came from the parish. It was the golden age of Scouting, when there were large enrollments of scouts nationwide. This was still during the time when it was cool to be a Boy Scout. And anyone who remembers Troop 273 scouting, will always remember Bill Welsch, our long-time scoutmaster. Besides my father, no other adult male role model guided me more during my youth than Bill Welsch. And I will always be grateful to the selfless devotion and love that he gave to me, to the other scouts and to the scouting program. I am forever in his debt.